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We use HTML5, JavaScript and CSS to develop web applications for different target platforms such as smartphones, tablet PCs or industrial and desktop PCs. In this process, HTML5's platform independence is a clear advantage: It can be used on any device and operating system without adaptations. An HTML5 application can run in any HTML5 browser; it isn't necessary to install additional programs or external plug-ins. Moreover, the visual appearance of HTML5 applications can easily be adapted, they are highly customizable and themeable. In addition, multimedia and 3D contents as well as animations can be integrated.


Our long-term expertise with Microsoft .NET allows us to create a wide range of safe and robust applications. Thanks to the .NET framework you can seamlessly integrate your application into your existing Microsoft infrastructure – be it classic WPF desktop applications, responsive Universal Windows apps, Windows Server or Microsoft Azure. And thanks to Xamarin or Windows 10, even different target platforms can be realized using Universal Windows Platform with one basic code structure. C# and XAML are our specialties and enable us to implement sophisticated visualizations using .NET to meet your expectations right to the point. The MVVM pattern provides for a clear separation of logic and design.


Qt is a UI framework for C++ and Python. We mainly use Qt to develop highly performant applications for mobile or embedded platforms. The platform-independent, low-level implementation makes Qt an interesting option for various fields of application and industries. Based on the motto "Write once, run anywhere!", you can run your Qt application on different platforms and devices. Even in cases where displays are small or processor performance is limited, e.g. in embedded systems, Qt can be used to create an impressive UX.

Further technologies

In addition to our three key technologies Qt, HTML5 and .NET we work with a number of technologies, programming languages and frameworks, the most important of which are the following:

Software Technologien 935 Smart HMI

Smart HMI

Smart HMI is the first HMI visualization system based entirely on HTML5 – from engineering to deployment all the way to the visualization. With this solution you can design HMIs that are intuitive to work with and boast an appealing design while running on any relevant technical platform, operating system and mobile device. This means that you will be able to integrate tablets and smartphones of different manufacturers into your existing plants and machines.

Embedded systems

Our software engineers develop embedded solutions for IoT and Industry 4.0 environments. Here, we offer more than mere software implementation and also create prototypes of hardware solutions using Raspberry PI, Arduino, etc.

Software Technologien Embedded Fronius 935

QIVICON (Smart Home)

As QIVICON Premium Developer Partners we design and implement user-friendly and attractive applications for the QIVICON platform. In doing so, we can resort to many years of experience since our research projects have had significant influence on the subject of smart homes right from the start.

iOS (Swift)

Swift is a native programming language used to develop apps for macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS. Our software engineers employ Swift to efficiently develop native UI applications for you or to complement cross-platform solutions such as Cordova/Phonegap with native plug-ins or interfaces.


We develop in Java (Java SE, Java EE, Spring, Android) and support you during the development of a backend or an interface or application.


Python is a scripting language commonly used with automations. Our software engineers use Python to develop build scripts, automated GUI tests as well as low-level functionality.

Augmented reality

CT or MRT images that can be projected over a patient's body with millimeter precision? Or helpful tips that take the user through every step of a machine's installation or maintenance process? From medicine to industry or our everyday lives, augmented reality can make our work and our lives more efficient, safer and more fascinating. With Unity 3D we realize 3D UIs as well as augmented reality applications for you to use in various industries and fields of application.

Software Technologien Augmented 935

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