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UI development

Creating modern operating concepts and user interfaces with exceptional designs is our core business. We implement your entire UI using cutting-edge software technologies and frameworks, taking aspects such as localization and responsive design into account. Where necessary, we implement customized controls, comprehensive control libraries or the entire presentation tier. Moreover, we support you in projected facelifts for your current application, determining the most suitable course of action.

Application development

We can do more than just developing the mere UI, we are also able to build entire applications. We cooperate with our customers to create interfaces for connecting the UI to the business logic or backend services. To achieve this, we employ current best practices in the respective technologies, such as AngularJS for HTML5, WPF/XAML in .NET and QML in Qt. By using e.g. the MVVM pattern and a declarative description of the UI, we uncouple them from the application logic. In order to make data available from a backend, we create REST web services based on JAVA and Spring.

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We develop interactive, authentic prototypes in HTML, XAML, C# or C++. These can be used as time- and cost-effective means to test interaction and input options at an early stage of the development cycle or to demonstrate ideas for new products at trade fairs. We analyze the technical feasibility by implementing the components to be reviewed on a prototype level. Together with our customers we identify what technology and hardware (e. g. Arduino) are suited best to build the prototype based on their specific requirements.

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We'll be pleased to advise you on designing modern architectures for your application and connecting the UI to the application logic. Moreover, we support you in choosing appropriate technologies and implementation strategies for your projected software solution.

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