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Agile work processes

Agile software development has gained full acceptance. And this is not surprising, considering that the digital era is characterized by quickly evolving requirements and new technologies. This is why we employ agile methods like scrum, not only in our projects but also in our internal organization. This enables us to react and adapt to changes more quickly. Depending on your requirements, we can join your existing scrum team or provide individual scrum roles such as scrum masters. Agile work processes help to avoid planning errors. These usually become apparent quite late in the project when you take a traditional approach, making changes very costly. When working with agile processes, however, functional preliminary products are created in short product cycles. These product increments can be used to get feedback from customers and users at an early development stage, which helps to continuously improve the product. Moreover, the iterative approach makes the current status and progress transparent for you.

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User centricity for market success

We offer comprehensive services relating to user interfaces and are your one-stop shop for UX, design and software. Our software solutions are perfectly tailored to suit your company, your brand and your users. Because our design process focuses on the user: We involve the user into the development cycle right from the start. This enables us to develop software that amazes its users with its easy operation and excellent design, ensuring a high level of acceptance and thus market success.

Software & UX hand in glove

At UID, user researchers, interaction concept designers, UX designers and software engineers work hand in glove, day by day. This guarantees seamless communication and optimal interplay between concept, design and development. Our UX designers know what concepts and designs are feasible on the software end and how they have to be prepared to ensure a smooth implementation. Our software engineers, on the other hand, have an eye for usability and UX. Moreover, the development progress is regularly reviewed by UX experts.

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Partnership of equals

We spell Teamwork with a capital T! And this does not only apply to our internal teams but also to the cooperation with you. We don't see ourselves as support staff to our customers but as partners at eye level. We develop projects with you rather than simply working them off. This entails that we adapt to the way you work: Are we part of your scrum team? How can we organize the cooperation between our companies' development teams? What communication, development and testing systems would you like to use? This is how we lay the foundation for a smooth cooperation.

20 years of experience

We have 20 years of experience in UI development for various industries. There is no platform for which we haven't developed a frontend yet. No challenge—from small displays to varying screen sizes or limited performance—for which we haven't found a solution. Customers like Bosch, Daimler and Trumpf rely on our expertise that helped us make more than 4,000 projects a success.


All UID processes are certified as per the ISO DIN EN 9001:2015 standard. Our software engineers, too, always keep up to date with certified know-how: We hold, for example, certifications for requirements engineering (IREB), software architecture (iSAQB), software testing (ISTQB) and as professional scrum masters (PSM). Therefore, we are able to accompany and support you throughout the entire software engineering process.